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"I receive the Support, Information, and Education that I desire in a Business Building System. Thank you to the members of The MLM Roundtable." Listen to this audio message from
Steve Smith, founder of MLM Executive Roundtable

If there were a way that you could associate on a personal level with top performing Network Marketers and learn their secrets to success, would you want to find out about it?

In the MLM Executive Roundtable, we leverage technology to provide Network Marketing Professionals with a LIVE and online forum in which to share with, and learn from each other.

The MLM Executive Roundtable gives Network Marketing Professionals an opportunity to be part of a highly charged, interactive and ongoing learning experience where some of the strongest leaders in the business share their business building secrets, and new MLM professionals can position themselves as leaders by showcasing their talents as well.

Why struggle trying to reinvent the MLM wheel when there are others who are willing to share with you the skills and techniques that have helped them generate tremendous income through Network Marketing?

Read the testimonials and  see why people are turning to the MLM Executive Roundtable to help keep their skills current and sharp week after week!

Take your place on the pedestal of leadership, join us in the roundtable and showcase your own talents by facilitating a session now and then if you like... or, just sit back and learn... either way, it would be our privilege to have you aboard!

About MLM Executive Roundtable

Our Mission:
To elevate the professionalism and proficiency of the Network Marketing industry by providing an environment where true Network Marketing professionals can share their knowledge, learn from each other and elevate their success.

Our Method: We host weekly online MLM Executive Roundtable sessions using advanced conferencing software which is free to download from the members' area. The sessions are normally about 60 minutes long.

Who Facilitates the sessions?: As a member you may apply to facilitate a roundtable session by making a request to facilitate. Our primary facilitator is Steve Smith who has over 20 years experience in sales, business and Network Marketing.

When do the sessions occur?: Sessions are held once per week on a predetermined schedule, normally at 9:00 PM North American Eastern time.

What is covered in the sessions?: Topics of discussion are selected based on the input of the membership. If you are facing specific challenges in your MLM business, simply complete the topic request form and your topic will appear on the list of suggested topics.

If a member feels that they are qualified to conduct a session which covers that topic, he or she may apply to facilitate that session, and it will be included on the schedule at the first opportunity. Of course, in order to preserve the integrity of the forum, no recruiting activity is permitted during the sessions.

Member Benefits

check Attendance at all MLM Executive Roundtable sessions. Share with and learn from other Networking Marketing professionals in live and interactive conferences
check Submit your own suggestions for topics and we will customize the sessions around YOUR requirements.
check Access previously recorded sessions 24 hours per days 7 days per week (coming soon)
check Elevate your professional profile; become a facilitator and showcase your own expertise.
check Member resource center where you can access the tools you need to expand your business.
check Learn from other Network Marketing professionals who share what works, and what doesn't.
check Bring one guest to each session; someone from your own organization is recommended.

Recently Covered Topics:

Topic: Who NOT To Sponsor
Learn how to determine who REALLY qualifies to be on your team, and who doesn't.  Invest your time only with business builders who are committed to their own success!
Topic: Eliminating Prospect Poverty
Understanding how to generate a constant stream of highly qualified and eager prospects to your Network Marketing business.  Never be without a prospect again!  This one session could change your entire business!
Topic: Joint Ventures
How leveraging the resources of other professionals in our industry can give you direct access to HUGE networks all over the world.  Explode your business with joint ventures!
Topic:  Keys to Self Promotion & Professional Image
An in depth exploration of the importance of self promotion in the Network Marketing industry, and how to exude the most professional image possible.  The best way to attract professional into your business is to be one...we show you how!

There are thousands of available training programs out there for people in Network Marketing. They come in the form of seminars, tapes, CD's, videos, DVD's, books and conference calls, but only the MLM Executive Roundtable provides you with a live, audio/visual forum where you can interact with others who are eager to share with and learn from you on an ongoing, long term basis!

Our weekly interactive sessions explode with powerful ideas and lessons that can help you skyrocket your MLM career to levels you can hardly imagine!

Everyone shares, everyone learns, everyone wins!

The MLM Executive Roundtable conducts three to four events EVERY MONTH, complete with audio/visual presentations in a fully live and rich multimedia web!

Now, the MLM Executive Roundtable has partnered with MLMRC the world's most powerful automated downline building system, which can help you to quickly and easily build your downline in whichever MLM business you're doing. For more details visit:
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"The daily meeting minute tips are excellent for network marketers new or old to the industry.  I like that they are quick, but full of quality information"

Kapena Phifer
Hawaii, USA

"Steve has created an awesome resource in the MLM Roundtable. He is facilitating professional training and bringing in guests to offer their expertise as well. You can facilitate a session to help your group, as well as offering your expertise to others you don't even know! Good job, Steve."

Murray Walton
Toronto, Canada

"That was great tonight, I enjoyed it. Thank you! I think the MLM Roundtable will be a great place to help many people. And I look forward to sharing anything I know to help make it so. I appreciate you being there tonight."

Mark Mince
Haines City, Florida

"This combine with the MLMRC Automated downline building system is the key to winning the MLM game.

I would recommend that everyone join the newsletter." 

Michael Chang


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